Nixies Picture


for the "your take on a mythological creature" challenge on CT artists....


This was soooo difficult... After I finished drawing it, I didn't really want to do Nixies anymore.... XD but Dojo convinced me to stick it out and I'm glad I did because, for one, this was good practice with backgrounds AND with traditional art... and for TWO, I wanted to be able to say that I didn't want to do this but I finished it and put all my effort into it anyway. 'cause you know what? Sometimes, in artistic careers, you gotta draw stuff you don't want to... BUT YOU HAVE TO... so, I needed a reality check and I needed to tell myself to suck it up and finish what I started...

If you don't know what Nixies are, they're like.. german/scandavian sirens or mermaids. Some legends say they're evil and some say they're harmless. These ones are harmless and just enjoy music XD I made them dressed all fancy like because the males of lore play violins to lure in victims... and when I think of violins, I think of fanciness... So, there you go. These guys have been in my brain for a while because they were GOING to be my characters for #Elysian-Academy back when I thought character clubs were awesome BUUTTTT that never got off the ground... but they finally got their opportunity to exist in this picture
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