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This is another of the Avenger's crew members, the siren. She was pretty annoying, not to draw but to figure out how to do her hair and if she should have it like we know it. I was thinking of the asari when doing this one, and especially about their "hair": is it really hair? Is it skin? What's up made of? Is it soft, is it hard? And then I found the answer to her skin: since the asari are all blue I wanted this one to be a different color but kind of radiate the same femininity (if that's even a word). So pink it was (no offence, girls).

I've always had a fancy for braids, and especially big, single ones, ever since I watched the movie "How To Train Your Dragon" - which actually just strenghtened my love for braids seeing as Astrid is a badass and is kinda cute AND has her hair in a giant (exaggeration to some point) braid. Also I've never drawn a braid before so please don't bite my head off if it's super-wrong in some way (that's kind of why I decided to make it in such an angle).


Real name: Keela La'Ney
Preferred name: Keela
Age: 63 years
Date of Birth: Not specified
Gender: Female
Race: Alien
Nationality: Siren
Birth Status: Unclear
Birthplace: Indecisive
Current Residence: UNSV Avenger

Height: 180 centimeters
Weight: 55 kilograms
Eyes: Dark
Hair: Pink
Face: Round, smooth, youthful
Lips: Large, full
Clothing: Tight latex-like one-piece

Personality: Kind, quiet
Dream wish: Managing the upcoming task
Biggest fear: Letting down
Loves: Cookies
Hates: Making hard decisions

Family: Indecisive

Job/education: Recruitment on the UNSV Avenger
Hobbies: Shopping
Sexual preference: Males
Best friend: None; looks up to Mara
Relationship status: In relationship with same-race males

Born and raised on one of the four intergalactic space stations, the Nova in the east, Keela knows all about the station from the inside, but it wasn't until she moved to the North Pole due to an assault on her home station that she got to experience the rest of the galaxy first-hand. She's grown within just a few years to become a fanatic of spacial and mythological matters and knows more than the experienced professor about the opposition to dark matter – light matter. She's also a highly sophisticated thinker, but on the downside she has a very weak stomach due to allergies toward certain and several food ingredients.
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