Legend of Arcane - Undine Picture

Even though this one's a bit messy, I'm still fond of it.

This time the character class is Undine.
The name undine stems from water nymph named Ondine in Greek Mythology. The Ondine was said to be one of the most beautiful creatures. She even had everlasting life. But the one catch is that she can never fall in love and get married, for then she will lose her gift of everlasting life, and become a mortal.
In a somewhat tragic story, Ondine fell in love with a man by the name of Sir Lawrence, who, when pledging his love to her at the marriage ceremony, promised that his "ever waking breath shall be expression of love".
In the years thereafter, Ondine became more and more of a mortal, as she took on the agonys of aging. Sir Lawrence began to lose interest in his beloved wife and went and slept with another woman. When Ondine found them together, she was outraged and put a curse on Sir Lawrence. As long as he was awake, he would live normally, but should he ever fall asleep, he will lose his breath and perish.

[Source from random Greek Mythology books and a bit from Wikipedia]

the undine in legend of arcane, can only breath underwater when she has that aqua stone thingie she's holding, in which she also sprouts a tail and fins. if she loses the stone, she only has an hour before her breathing ceases, and she dies. likewise, on land she must have an earth stone in order to breath on land and have legs. same thing happens if she loses it. (might elaborate on that some D
Also, um, many of you know about the Siren creatures. They'll also be there in the story.

So I'm holding a contest. The next character classes that I was going to put in the story/animation/comic/fake rpg thing are the Sirens. (not really chara classes but they play a major role in the story)
There are 5 sirens.

I'll post information about them and the qualities they should have in my journal. As long as you have the main qualities that I post, you can pretty much be as free as a bird with designing a siren.
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Legend of Arcane - Undine
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