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“Mommy…I wasn’t hurt, honest,” Azura’s sugary words meant nothing to the decision Iris was contemplating.
“Always sneaking out and playing in dangerous places,” She muttered bitterly, but Iris was correct though. Azura’s curiosity of finding unknown things would’ve certainly been the death of her. And to think, being spat out of Serverin’s throat, the annoyance and humiliation any mother had to bear, Iris was about fed up with her rebellious behavior. Serverin would’ve swallowed her baby girl if not threatened, the dreaded beast of the underworld with no pity in his heart.
“why must you do this Azura?” Iris asked, darting her eyes toward her with disappointment in those emerald green pools.
“Haven’t I been a good mother?” she added as she stepped toward her daughter. Azura sank farther in her cramped little pool as she once again had to endure mommy’s scolding
“I loved you, kept you snug, gave you hugs and kisses, anything you’ve wanted, and I pamper you like a princess, so why? Why do you insist on disobeying me?” she continued asking, cupping Azura’s face, wanting her to look at her mother clearly.
“Mommy…I just wanted to go outside. I’m not a child,” Azura told her with a slight raise in her voice during the last sentence. Anger rose in Iris’s face as Azura back talked her in such a manner.
“How dare you say that to me,” Iris scolded as she jerked Azura’s arm, squeezing it to the bone.
“Mommy stop it, that really hurts,” She yelped, but Iris paid no concern. Her mind was on something much more drastic. A second elf with strait chestnut hair came in the room holding a chain that looked as if it could clutch someone’s neck. Azura’s eyes widened with alarm as she saw the obvious leash. She knew what would happen in a matter of moments.
“I didn’t want it to come to this, but how else can I keep you?” Iris told her with her face looking almost sorry for what she was soon to do. The servant crept closer to the little siren with the leash, but Azura jerked her arm back from Iris and made a dash toward the door. The guards kept her from escaping as they gestured their spears toward her. She looked behind her shoulder, Iris not too happy, and dashed toward the pipeline hoping it would lead her to the outside sea, but the servant netted her as she thrashed around in her pool. Iris grabbed Azura’s neck as she was reeled in, and the servant chained her neck to the wall.
“There’s no slipping away, Azura. I’ve had enough of your disobedience. You will be tame, do you hear me? If you force my hand, I will break your fragile little spirit. Is that understood?” Iris scolded her, clutching her face and breathing heavily in her ear. Azura nodded slowly, hoping Iris would leave soon. Thankfully, her and the servant both left so she could cool off, and guards were outside the door.
Azura laid her head on the window seal, looking beyond the bars. The outside was beckoning, but she was trapped, a lapdog in a cage with no hope of escape, and without her trainer, she was utterly alone. The thought brought a tear in her eye then rolling off her cheek as she watched the stars drift by.
“Bored aren’t we sweetie?” A voice from behind her asked. Azura turned around with a brightened face to see a tall brunette fairy standing by her door.
“Athaely, you came to get me?” Azura asked with hope in her aqua, chartreuse centered eyes.
“Would I come all this way not to?” She replied twirling the key around her finger. Athaely swiftly unlocked the chain and with a strong spell, opened the bars the window. The moat was sure to make it a safe dive and lead Azura to the sea.
“Athaely, I’m so glad you’re my friend. I’m grateful for you coming all this way to help me, but what will happen to you when I run away? I won’t come back…and you’ll be blamed.” Azura said softly as she sat her finned legs out the window. Athaely chuckled.
“I’ll fight her, of course. And with Isis and Isura on my side, I’ll win.” Athaely assured her. Azura gave her one last hug farewell and dove into the water as her legs joined to a teal, petal like tail. Although she would not be seen in the temple walls again, they were sure to meet again.
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be patient is very good advice
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