Too Late Picture

From an original story (well of course the concept of sirens itself is not original, they've been around for centuries!) featuring the mythological temptresses from the sea.
'He turned to swim back to shore, and there was another. This one smiled at him coyly, then suddenly rushed at him in a wave of froth and bowled him back under. Shuhan had had no time to draw breath; he began to struggle with the nymphs while propelling his arms in downward motions to push himself up. But it was futile: they had him surrounded and clung to him like soft wet seaweed, all the time pulling him steadily down with surprising strength. The muscles in his arms and legs were weary to the point of numbness. Scaly breasts pressed against his torso; lithe gleaming bodies entangled themselves in his legs. Wherever he turned, their long dark hair brushed his face and blinded him. They were soundless, but he knew they were laughing.'
~Voices in the Water


my skills were a bit rough at the time. Dunno if they've gotten better since, I haven't used charcoal in a while
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