Regret Picture

In picking up my pencil again, I have decided to follow a couple of different themes to begin my portfolio. I have decided to begin doing a series of drawings taken from Greek mythology which I happen to have always been obsessed with. And so...
This is taken from the Odyssey in which Odysseus and his crew are sailing through the waters that are parasited with the Sirens. The Sirens (the ancient Greeks believed) would sing an enchanting melody and lure sailors to their death at sea. Odysseus being the bold and often boisterous man that he was, decided he wanted to hear the Sirens' song. So he ordered his crew to fill their ears so as to sail them safely through the passage. He also ordered them to tie him tightly to the mast of the ship so he could hear the tell-tale song but not plunge to his death trying to follow it. And this drawing is the at the point where Odysseus has decided maybe it wasn't such a great idea to hear this song after all....
Deep Sea Siren
Venus and the Sirens