TO - Sirens Picture

"In Greek mythology, the Sirens (Greek singular: Σειρήν Seirēn; Greek plural: Σειρῆνες Seirēnes) were dangerous and devious creatures, portrayed as femmes fatales who lured nearby sailors with their enchanting music and voices to shipwreck on the rocky coast of their island."
Since The Outcast is about wolves, and humans won't be mentioned in it, the "Sirens" of this story are wolves, dragons etc whatever the male/female fancies.

The Sirens aren't only female in the story, wich makes them even more dangerous, and they aren't really solid.
They're made up out of water, seaweed, mud, rocks/pebbles whatever is in the water. Of course they can take a more solid-like form.
So, they mostly come out in the noon/early mornings/in the nights. They don't really like the heat of the sun.
Of course there are other Siren-like creatures, that live in the woods and some only come out in winter, taking use of Snowflakes that form a wolf/dragon etc, the same with some special kinds of tree's leaves and so on.

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