Adonis and the New Girl Picture

Adonis is based on the version from the Hercules TV show. I'd just like to ask one thing to the makers of these shows: why do you make the bad guys hotter than the heros *cough*cough* Mozenrath*cough*?

anyway, Adonis was pretty easy to draw but it turns out drawing greek girls in the hercules style is difficult, apperently we're all stick thin but with v. wide hips. anyway, i thought it was sad that there was onyl one pic of hercules Adonis on this site since he is such a hottie as far as cartoons that's Adonis and that's me, i'll color this but i just wanted to put it up now incase i royally screw it up

also in my own mind, i'm just gonna switch Adonis's jerky attitude with Perseus's sexy stoner pirate wannabe attitude...toodles!
Perseus and Medusa
Adonis and the New Girl
Medusa End
AFAIGB old contest 2