Perseus Picture

i did this drawing for my world literature class...took me the better part of three hours rushing through it.

done completely with pencil, 2B and 4B...went through a half-dozen tissues, and a lot of my favorite eraser...
i messed with the color tones on photoshop 6.0 cause the photo i took was crap...this added a bit of contrast, and imo, makes it look much cooler...
this is Perseus, the Greek mythological figure, he's a demi-god, born from Zeus and Danae, daughter of Acrisius. this picture was based on what im guessing is a really old engraving i found while searching around for images through google...i couldnt find who originally did it, so if u happen to know, let me know. Perseus was favored by the gods, and is seen as the perfect hero, with a perfect conscious, and no hubris whatsoever to speak of.

he's pictured here with the symbols that are associated with him, you can see the helmet given to him by i believe Hades (correct me if im wrong), which makes him invisible, and the sword and winged sandals given to him by Hermes. however, the shield given to him by Athene is not shown. he's also holding the gorgon Medusa's severed head.

that's the only place i think i majorly screwed up...Medusa's head is too close to his wouldnt be a practical way to hold it, and in the original engraving, it was hanging down lower...that, and i think Perseus' head is too small...

Perseus and the Kraken