Predator: Perseus Revisited Picture

Okay, I am ALL KINDS OF JAZZED about the new art contest at ~avpalternative . The theme is Aliens and/or Predators in a fantasy setting. I decided to rumble off in the direction of Greek mythology and do a twist on the Perseus and Andromeda story, with Dark Ages details. So I have a lady-knight in shining armor - my alter ego Chaunn - charging into battle to rescue her current mate, Baku-udrin’de, who has been spiked to a big ol' menhir. (We asked Baku if he minded playing the part of the princess Andromeda, and while he was in a state of shock over that one, we anchored him to the rock and did the makeup job with the glowy green gunk that Hollywood uses to make Predator blood. SOOOOO COOOOL!) And naturally, the Queen Bug gets to play the part of the dragon. The thing is, even though this is a mock-up, see, that Bug's gotta die before it gets to Baku...
Mythology - Medusa 2014
Medusa Dreams of Perseus
Predator: Perseus Revisited
Perseus and the Kraken
Perseus and Andromeda