MH OC Homer Dionysus Picture

Yep, I got a few more MH OCS coming up.

This is Homer Dionysus, the son of Greek God, Hermes.

Name: Homer Dionysus
Parents: Hermes
Age: 15
Killer Style: Gold and White always me make shine!
Freaky Flaw: I tend to crash into a lot of things since I’m a Messager God in training.
Pet: Cloud Dash is my awesome loyal Pegasus!
Favorite Activity: Sending messages to people like my dad, but when I’m not working, I like to play Casketball and Skateboard.
Biggest Pet Peeve: People who insult my messager outfit and calling it a dress which really irritates me!
Favorite School Subject: Gym, it actually helps me with my messaging job.
Least Favorite Subject: Clawculus
Favorite Color: Gold and White
Favorite Food: Greek Yoghurt is delicious! Especially if it’s filled with proteins!
GFFs: I tend to get along with everyone due to being a messager. Messaging + Traveling = Making Friends.

Not proud of his hair, it kinda looks like a mix between the Ken doll and Johnny Test's hair! Lol. (And yes, those are wings in his hair). I also should have colored it all brown since now I think of it, he looks better with brown hair. That is also an envelope he is holding.

And yes, his pet Cloud Dash was named after Rainbow Dash.
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