Icarus Picture

Icarus Project - Icarus is a figure from Greek Mythology ... Him and his father, Daedalus, had to leave Crete and get away from King Minos, before he brought them harm for escaping from the Labyrinth. However, Minos controlled the sea around Crete and there was no route of escape there ... Daedalus realized that the only way out was by air ... To escape, Daedalus built wings for himself and Icarus, fashioned with feathers held together with wax. Daedalus warned his son not to fly too close to the sun, as it would melt his wings, and not too close to the sea, as it would dampen them and make it hard to fly ... They successfully flew from Crete, but Icarus grew exhilarated by the thrill of flying and began getting careless ... Flying too close to the sun god Helios, the wax holding together his wings melted from the heat and he fell to his death, drowning in the sea ...

Man was never mean to fly ... or to get too close to the sun ...
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