Perseus...his feet Picture

Perseus, an important charecther of ancient Greek mythology. His dynasty goes up to Herakles

His fahter was Zeus, and his mother was the daughter of Akrisos, Danae.... Becasue an oracle says that the son of Danae will kill his grandfather, Akrisos burries his daughter in a bronze room under the ground. But Zeus, goes through a crack at the celing of that bronze room in a form of a golden drop. And he makes love with Danae...And Perseus borns...

Athena gives a duty to Perseus. He has to kill the Gorgon Medusa...At this advanture Athena and Hermes helped to him...

Detail from a bronze scupture of Benvenuto Cellini- Florance/Italy
Perseus...his feet
 Persephone +4 steps
3D - Medusa