Lovers who can't look (Colored) Picture

I colored my “Lovers who can’t look” piece inspired by the mythological characters of Medusa and Perseus. The lineart inspired a few folks. I really wanted to share my favorites…

By itjustgenetics : The closer he got, the louder each hiss was. She hesitated, pulling away as his hand gripped the small of her back pushing himself into the venomous latching bites across his collar bone. ” I want you,” his weak words slipped from his lips as his heart rate slowed, the venom raced through him. She stared in terror and disbelief thinking, “so this is what real love feels like?” Eyes beaming at his bruising lips she pressed against them. The space so empty that occupied her chest permeated a pain she’d never felt. Nothing more but a simple kiss was exchanged. His eyelids fighting to grasp one another let go of their grip, separating just enough to get a final glimpse of … her. His lips escaped hers with the last breathy words, ” So beautiful…” his body molded to hers, fermenting into the statuesque limestone, exemplifying the love he had for her. She slides out of his arms once more. It was all but a memory.

Shaggykorean : i love how his eyes are closed in a kiss, and hers are like a little bird that’s not quite sure if it’s safe to land here. breath taking…

Indreamsidream : feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerings

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Lovers who can't look (Colored)
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