Medusa 07 Picture

A3 graphite on cartridge paper. 26-5-2007
Based on original artwork by Sim4nee [link]

This is something I've been meaning to do for ages. The idea is to take an artwork I did a long time ago and create a new artwork in my current style to compare how my art has changed over the years.

This is my medusa concept. I tried this before in 2000 [link] and I think I did a reasonable job then. This new one does reflect my new style but, unfortunatly, it also reflects the fact that I don't get as much time to practice my art as I used to.

I've opted to avoid drawing individual scales in this and I think it hurts the overall effect. The scan was pretty shocking too. I think the expression and the snake hair have improved and I prefer the new hook over the old one. I like the old rat better and the scales obviously gave more of a sense of movement in the old version.

Well, that is my opinion anyway. I would really like to hear yours. Which version do you like better and why? What do you think could be improved? Do you know a better way to draw scales? Whatever comments you can add would be greatly apreciated.
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Medusa 07
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