Greek Mythology - Athena Picture

She is the goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration, strategy and fighting, justice, skill, the art, the craft and the handmade and patron goddess of Athen. She has been known since the Mycenaean period.

Epithet of Athena:
Pallas Athena: Pallas was the name of the mythical Pallas, daughter of the sea god Triton, the foster father of Athena
Parthenos: "the Virgin"
Promachos: "the pre-Fighting", "the fighting on the front line", "the defender"
Glaukopis Athena:"the bright-eyed Athena "
Areia: as a defender of Orestes
Athena Ergane: the patron saint of craftsmen and artists
Atrytōne: "the Seeker", "the Invincible"
Polias: "the city goddess"
Patroiē: "the guardian"

Another version of the Aigis ...simply as a goatskin or goatfur coat with golden tassels, which protects here the right shoulder (originally left arm and shoulder as a kind of shield).
And the head of the gorgone Medusa on the shield has more symbolic character.
And of course, I had the owl, olive tree and the snake in my head, but I didn't paint them.^^

I don't have much knowledge about ancient Greek weapons, armor and clothing, so this is not a correct picture.

The stars are made with a very old version of Picture Publisher (8.0.1), the nebula and Athena with MyPaint (0.9.1).
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Greek Mythology - Athena
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