Argus and His Hundred Eyes Picture

Ar·gus (är'gəs)
1. Greek Mythology. A giant with 100 eyes who was made guardian of Io and was later slain by Hermes.
2. An alert or watchful person; a guardian.

Argus (är'gəs) or Argos (är'gŏs, –gəs) , in Greek mythology.
1 Many-eyed monster, also called Panoptes. He guarded Io after she had been changed into a heifer. After Hermes slew the monster, Hera took his eyes and placed them in the tail of her bird, the peacock.
2 Builder of the Argo. He built the ship on which Jason and the Argonauts (of which he was one) sailed in quest of the Golden Fleece.

This Greek guardian, captured in Avilon Zoo in Montalban, Philippines.
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