Nuwa the ancient goddess Picture

Nuwa was a goddess in ancient Chinese Mythology. She was half human and half serpent.

In ancient Chinese Mythology, the sky was like a floor that some deities lived above it. One of Nuwa legends was about the sky once broken by a rebelled god and it was likely to collapse, that will cause cataclysmic destruction. Nuwa sealed the sky with mysterious stones with seven colors and saved the world(and limbs of a giant turtle as pillars, pretty gore), though not entirely, that caused the sky blue now. After Buddhism was introduced to China in Tang Dynasty (AD618–907). Nuwa was gradually forsaken.

I learnt this ancient goddess because of a Taiwanese PC RPG game, Legend of Sword and Fairy(仙劍奇俠傳), official name Chinese Paladin(no this name please...
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Nuwa the ancient goddess
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