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Her name is Oni Kira, which I guess means 'dark demon.' Kira is a demon kirin, and looks very wolf and boar-like in appearance. Her hide is very scratchy and wrinkly, like a reptile's. Those aren't claws, those are multi-digit hooves, much like prehistoric equines. Kira has a coarse mane running up her head and bad, and some spikes that are a birch wood like substance at the end of her tail. On her head, horns of the same matter as the spikes. Kira's eyes are featureless and gray, and shine brightly in darkness.

Descriptions aside, Kira is not a MLP character. (Some have made that mistake of assuming so before, like people have done with Insomnia, the ghost. So I'm clarifying.) Kira belongs to a world of mythological creatures and war, and war is what she feeds off of. Instead of physical substance, Kira has to consume the energy of violence and war to survive. Demon kirins all have to feed this way, straight from the day they are born. Not many Demon Kirins survive starting out that way, and the world is honestly better without it. The few who do manage to grow up are generally vicious and destructive, as Demon Kirins are always hungry. Demon Kirins have a secondary form, a humanoid figure taking some of the features of their feral forms. Though this form looks generally normal, they do tend to look off and disconcerting. This secondary form serves as a back up, in case the world is at peace, or if they are injured. This secondary form feeds off of caring nature, but it's not always successive in collecting that caring substance. After all, humanoid Demon Kirins look strange, and they don't fool many people. A Demon Kirin must be careful in fooling people into taking care of them. But most Kirins starve when forced to use this form. As for why young Kirin are prevented from using this form, they cannot. It is something they can obtain when they become juveniles, and by then their minds are mostly too far gone from saving.

Anyway, Kira was the only calf to survive from a litter of 15. That's how most families end up, with one or two surviving. The fathers are at best apathetic towards young, and the mothers well meaning, but a bit too aggressive in teaching methods of hunting. Sadly, if Kirin run out of both caring and violence, they could always breed calves to abuse and therefore feed off of... And that's what happened with Kira's litter. She only survived out of pure luck, because she withstood the abuse long enough to leave the nest, getting nourishment from playing with mice trapped between her paws.

At the time Kira became a juvenile, the world was passive. Technology had surpassed the pseudo-medieval ways of the past, and was better for it in terms of medical care and diplomatics, though most of the world had still clung to the styles of older ages. Even older technology was being used just because it was familiar, and therefore preferred. In that same way, warfare had still remained the same. Spears, canons, swords, shields, suit and armor... But mostly because warfare wasn't a topic that most creatures were interested with. Sure, guns and other futuristic weapons had been invented, but it was barely used. In fact, those weapons were what nuclear warfare is to us. When the world relied on old weapons to attack, who could defend themselves from the blast of an electrical force? There were several electrical plants located across the planet, but they were rare, with fingers tentatively waiting for a chance to press the button and fire.

The technological age of peace had to end eventually. The proponents were all there to spark war, but someone had to begin some controversy. Fortunately for a starving Kira, who had been barely scrapping by as a humanoid, that someone began a war in due time. And for what cause that war had been started, would need to be elaborated on a little bit.

Dragons. Yes, the topic of dragons had sparked a war. In this world, dragons basically age like turtles. They never stop growing. They don't age past a certain point, and can live for centuries. It's rare for a dragon to die of old age. However, it wasn't so rare for humans and other creatures to kill them for sport, or to capture them. Most captured dragons where used as entertainment, like tigers in a circus. Except, a tiger can't gain sentience as they live longer and longer with sentient species. Though like a normal animal at birth, all dragons can learn to be sentient, and in older dragons, exceedingly intelligent. They gain this by observing others and replicating what they do. They are very adaptable because of this, and this potential for intelligence makes them basically an oppressed race. But many kill dragons before they can gain this intelligence, and enslaved dragons are sheltered to the point of causing them to have severe learning disabilities. It is not natural to shelter a dragon from knowledge, for they are hungry and greedy for it. In this time of peace, some dragons had spoken up about this, and some sympathized with them. Many did not.

In one particular kingdom, a dragon named Magic had been a popular attraction at a circus. She was considered royal property and was described as a regal white dragon, one of the most beautiful specimens many had seen. And better yet, no wings. Magic could not fly away from her owners. She was under slavery of humans, the typical dragon slayers. (Though other races were being oppressed by other species, dragons were the centerpiece at the time.) During the show, she may seem harmless and pretty, behind the scenes she was a living Hell to work with. Magic had not been allowed to achieve sentience, but she still had a strange psychic power that meant she was nothing but harmless. Eventually, Magic was enraged and caused a massacre and a rampage. She began an uprising against humans, one of the dominant species. Humans and their allies began a war against dragons.

Kira swiftly entered the war, working as a back stabber and secretly worked for both sides when the other wasn't looking. She killed many Arrowhead Dragons, a large species of dragon with a durable leathery hide, and made armor of it. Even among other dragons, Arrowhead Dragons are considered acceptable targets and are mocked by many races. This is because most flightless dragons can't catch a break if they happen to have wings, especially when they are large dragons. They're commonly likened unto giant dodos, and dodo became their equivalent of a racial slander. So, Kira got away with publically slaying dragons, which was approved by both sides. She also started slaying magic producing creatures, as paid for by desperate warring individuals who couldn't stand up to a magical blast, using only dated weapons. Kira's main victim of this was unicorns, as where for many other people. This became a sort of unicorn holocaust, with humans, dragons and unicorns making up most of the casualties.

Soon, both sides caught on to Kira's game, and found that she worked for no sides. They put a bounty on her head. Kira found this to be no inconvenience, as she found as much food murdering those who wanted to kill her for money than the ones who wanted to in battle. Kira became an infamous symbol for both sides, and became a historical villain.

As for the electrical weapons and guns, those who had the reigns of them were very tempted to flip the switch, to cause devastation to end devastation. Kira did not like that, as the dead could not feed her, and these electrical weapons would kill most anyone in a world where swords and spears were used just because they were nostalgic. Progression was hampered for many, and for the few, Kira wanted to stop them. She did not want any of the electrical weapons to be launched, thus ending her murderous feast. With a gang of fellow Kirins, Kira began offing inventors of every kind and anyone to do with technology. She even became a leader of a small ragtag village, silencing those who didn't agree with her. However, this assassination of influential figures could not last long. Most of Kira's gang was found, killed and executed for all to see, a rare moment when all sides joined together in harmony. Sadly, it was just to see the killing of hated figures.

Kira soon slipped away, as the war slowly bleed the planet into a barren state. As the war became borderline apocalyptic, Kira began her life anew as a vigilante, violently punishing those who disobeyed the law, without the law's permission. She worked only in small towns who were nursing their wounds, and couldn't enforce the law effectively. That's how she got away with it so easily without being found. Kira was again making a living off of killing those who were deemed acceptable targets. She slipped away from the public's eyes because of this, making sure karma couldn't reach her. This continued until Sojouner, a unicorn, imprisoned Kira in a cage of dragon bones, while protecting those he was assigned to guard. These bones were very sturdy, and also a topic of controversy, since dragon bones were commonly used as building material.

This cage of bones was placed in a barren valley filled with prehistoric-esque creatures. Sojouner decided a slow death in a barren valley with no life was a better punishment than a swift one. Kira survived for years catching mice between her paws that had strayed by her cage. She did not die, as Demon Kirin are semi-immortal, dying only until fatal injury or starvation reach them. Kira lived a hungry life, two inches away from death. And that was her existence from thence on, pretty much. There's more, but I think I've already said enough.
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