Jackelin Aristocrat Picture

Race: Weird Demon
Age: 286 yrs. old
Personality: Serious/Playful
Fighting Style/ Weapon of choice: Claws, Demonic powers
Bio: She kills often to relieve her stress, and takes what she wants from anyone. She was human once, but she felt like her life was to dull and boring. Her father didn't care for her in the least, but he loved her sister Lana and brother Perry, and her mother died while giving birth to her. She didn't care much for her sister, but she adored her brother, until the day she was ready to leave. She wanted to go out and explore new places, but her father refused to let her leave he wanted her to stay and work at the family shop. She, later that night, cried into her pillow until her brother walked in. She was happy that he was concerned about her, but instead he tried to rape her. She started to scream but no one cared, so she grabbed the closest thing she could reach, her lamp, and bashed his head into the floor until his skull cracked. She was so scared of what her father would do if he found out, so she jumped out of her window and ran as far as she could. She ran into a forest, one that her father forbid her from ever going to, and tripped on a giant root sticking out of the ground. After laying on the ground for some time, it began to rain, she got up and sat in a large hole in a tree, waiting and thinking about what she had done. Once the sun began to rise, she slowly crawled out of the hole, she saw something shining in the corner of her eye, a golden bracelet that she didn't notice while she was on the floor. She picked it up and examined it, on it was the engraved "Grand Bios". She didn't know what that was, or what it ment and put it on. She instantly felt a burning sensation running through her body, and she began to transform into a demon. She was shocked and oddly happy about her new demonic powers, and to test her strength, she went back home to kill her father, but she left her sister alive to mourn the deaths of her father and brother. Since then she killed mostly men, and stole what she felt was rightfully hers. She lives in the forest that she found the bracelet and kills whom ever she pleases.

Sidekick: Kusey
Personality: Innocent
Fighting Style/ Weapon of choice: Spiked ball tail, morphs, can call other demons to protect Jackelin.
Bio: He was sent to protect her after she was made a demon by Grand Bois. He knew about her even when her name was still Mae. He and his master Grand Bois watched over her since she was born, Grand Bois knew of her true nature, her evil nature... And he felt that she needed to embrace that evil in her and gave her the powers of a demon. Kusey transformed into a tiny demon so he wouldn't scare her away. He never told her how she became a demon, and she never bothered to ask.

Ok so I started getting new character ideas and I just need to get them down. I'm not sure if I'll make them part of a project I'm thinking of starting, or I'll just leave them as characters I doodle a lot
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