Lord Sesshomaru vs. Goddess Mizuki Picture

Yes, fan art! Hand drawn (As usual). At the bottom right is Lord Sesshomaru in his true form (Sexy beast. ;D Yeah! Lol) and upper left is Mizuki, my Inuyasha OC. Now Mizuki is a fallen Goddess and like in greek mythology how gods were able to shape shift, Mizuki can do the same. Thus in this picture I've drawn is Mizuki in a giant dragon form. Some of you may know, others may not, I may explain more later, just feeling rather lazy at the moment. Hope you like it! Comments are welcome! x3

Picture/OC Character (Mizuki) Copyrighted to NinjaWolfie
Inuyasha Character (Sesshomaru) Copyrighted to Creator of Inuyasha
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Lord Sesshomaru vs. Goddess Mizuki
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