Black Warrior Picture

The Black Warrior of the North is one of the four compass guardians in Chinese mythology, its other names are the Black Tortoise and Genbu (Japanese). It's often depicted as a giant turtle with a snake coiled around it, which is how I got the idea to do a Torterra and a Serperior, two of my favourite pokemon XD.

So Torterra represents the tortoise, and Serperior is the snake that coils around him. I know he doesn't actually coil around torterra, but when I drew him at first coiled around torterra he looked too long and weird, so I just sat him on torterra's back. The two of them (or should I say one?) are preparing to go into water in order to circumnavigate the world...

I'm pretty happy with how the two of them turned out, but the background seriously looks amateur. I reckon they look better than my previous backgrounds, but all the vegetation turned out to be far uglier than I had envisioned. Plus the shadows look weird...
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Black Warrior
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