Shenglong Picture

These giants floated across the sky and due to their blue color that changed constantly were difficult to see clearly.
Shenlong governed the wind, clouds and rain on which all agrarian life depended.
Chinese people took great care to avoid offending them, for if they grew angry or felt neglected, the result was bad weather, drought, flood or thunderstorms

... took that quothe from Wikipedia, this one is quiet acurated.

The God Dragon: Shenglong.
The most important kind in my opinion. Very different from the Wind and Fire serpent in occidental myths. Their faces look man-like from the front.
That pearl again xP this one is NOT an egg and this one is definetly not a female. it's just.. a pearl O___o couldn't resist adding one.

this is not the same Shenglong from the Dragonball series, that anime/manga was based on a novel called "Journey to the West", Shenglong appears more than once on that novel.
Estos gigantes flotaban a travez del cielo y gracias a su color azul que cambiaba constantemente, eran dificiles de ver.
Shenlong governaba los vientos, nubes y lluvia de los que toda la vida terrestre depende.
La gente China tenia mucho cuidado de no ofenderlos,por que si se enojaban o se sentian olvidados, el resultado era mal tiempo, sequias, inundaciones o tormentas electricas

... lo saque de Wikipedia, esta bastante preciso.

El Dios Dragon: Shenglong
El mas importante en mi opinion. Muy diferente a la serpiente de fuego y viento de occidente. Sus caras se ven humanas por enfrente.
Esa perla otra vez xP NO es un huevo y este definitivamente no es hembra. es.... una perla y ya O___o no pude resistirme a poner una.

este no es el mismo Shenglong que el de Dragonball, ese anime/manga esta basado en una novela llamada "Travesia hacia el Oeste", Shenglong aparece mas de una vez en esa novela.

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