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Tompodrano - Giant sea monster found in legends from the people of Madagascar, it was described as a vast sea creature with a plated body like a crocodile's and a head that would glow in the dark and could be seen out of the water.

Tsemaus - A sea monster that appears in legends of the Native American people of British Columbia, the creature is described as a gigantic fish-like creature with a vast dorsal fin so sharp it could cut a human in two.

Tumu-Ra'i-Fuena - A sea monster from Tahiti legends, the creature was described as an octopus-like monster with spotted skin, the monster was so huge it was able to use it's tentacles to grip both the earth and the heavens...

Weewilmeq - An aquatic monster from Algonquian Native American legends, the creature is described in various ways: a huge water worm, a horned water serpent, a creature that combines the features of a sturgeon and a serpent with spines on it's back, or a serpent with deer-like antlers on it's head. The creature is said to dwell in deep rushing waters, it's horns are prized by evil sorcerers.
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