The Garden of Idun Picture

In Norse mythology, Idun "She who Renews"(also Iduna, Idunn, Ithun, or Idunnor) was the goddess of youth and fertility. She was the custodian of golden apples which allowed the Aesir gods to maintain their youthfulness, and was the only god allowed to gather them. Iduna was the wife of Bragi, god of poetry, and originally a member of the Vanir. She departed the fields and forests of Vanaheim to live with him in Asgard, where she had her western garden.

Thanks to this magic fruit, the Gods, who are not all immortal, ward off the approach of old age and disease, and remain vigorous, beautiful, and young throughout the countless ages. These apples are therefore considered very precious indeed, and Idun carefully treasures them in her magic casket. But no matter how many she draws out, the same number always remain for distribution at the Feast of the Gods, to whom alone she offers a taste, although dwarfs and giants are eager to obtain possession of this fruit.

In the dales dwells,
the prescient Dís,
from Yggdrasil's
ash sunk down,
of alfen race,
Idun by name,
the youngest of Ivaldi's
elder children.

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