Mythological Beasts 13 Picture

Tlatecuhtli - Gigantic frog from Aztec mythology, the beast was described as a monstrous frog-like being with enormous fangs, it's mouth was often represented as being the opening to the land of the dead, it is also associated with the Aztec goddess Coatlique.

To Kos - Enormous horned water serpents found in legends of the Klamoth Native American people, these creatures where described as being extremely aggressive towards humans and would devour anyone who would trespass on their territory.

Torc Triath - Gigantic boar from Irish legends, not much info on the creature's physical description but it was often referred as the "king of boars"...

Torngarsoak - Giant white bear from Inuit mythology, said to be the master of the seals and whales from Ungava Bay, where the creature is said to dwell inside a cave...

Tsuchi-gumo - Gigantic spider from Japanese mythology, the beast was said to be nearly invincible since no type of metal was able to harm it...
Mythological Beasts 13
Thor Sketch Card - Matt Glebe