Alpha Centauri, pt 2 Picture

Alpha Centauri is a planet defined not only by water and mountains, but by its moons as well. Most notable is the blue moon, Adonis. Lovers flock to Alpha Centauri to become engaged and wed under the light of Adonis. Fitting, as the moon is believed to have been named after a god of love. Several times a year, when this moon and any one of the three Centaurian suns are aligned, the reflective material that comprises the majority of the moon surface will reflect and create a wondrous glow on the planet. It is during these times, when the blue sun Alpha Centauri B is aligned correctly with Adonis, that the number of weddings on Alpha Centauri spike. Reservations, of course, must be made well in advance.

Although so many lovers relate to the beautiful moon Adonis, I personally have always related to the scarred little moon Juno.

Number two in the series. I plan on making these a story, assuming school does not drive me insane first.

This image is a bit simpler than the first, but I love the colors. I wanted to add some "lights" along the lake to give it a feel of civilization, but I couldn't get it to look right.

The bright moon Adonis is being played by Jupiter's moon Ganymede and Juno by Europa.

And yes, I know Adonis wasn't a god in Greek mythology. Because this takes place so far in the future, I've taken the liberty of assuming legends and myths have become somewhat skewed (Asimov did it with his own works all the time
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Alpha Centauri, pt 2
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