Europa mit dem Stier I Picture

Translated title "Europe with the bull", drawed with pencils.
Dimensions : 21 cm * 29,7 cm
Needs appr. 16 hours.

This is the first picture of the series "Europe with the bull", drawed in the month of april , 1999. I was soldier at this time - i drawed it, like the "Maria and the Jesus-Child I", in the hospital. Its a portrait of jasmin wagner (singer "blossom"), but have'nt the function of a portrait. Even at this time, there was the imagination in my mind : that this picture will look to the second part - they look to eachother. The idea was "stolen" from from an art-student and friend of my class (christoph maier a very talented artist (r.i.p.
So, in this case, the viewer has the same role (and point of view), like the bull - and in the second part of the series: the viewer has the same role (and point-of-view) like Europe. So i think, the effect is also a more intensive involving of the viewer in the scenery of picture.

Hope you enjoy it, greetings ,
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