Monsterz Picture

OK,so this is how it goes: A half woman,half snake chick called Echidna marries a giant beast with 100 fire-breathing heads (Typhon) and starts giving birth to the cutest,cuddliest abominations you can think of.There's the nine-headed Hydra (if you look REALLY closely,you can spot his pet crab too),the huge Lion of Nemea,the goat-lion-dragon mix known as the Chimera,the two-headed shepherd dog Orthos,the hellhound Cerberus and the lovely Sphinx,of course.Daddy Typhon doesn't appear in this group portrait,he had some urgent business to take care of (destroying a few villages,I think) so he couldn't stay to pose for me.Oh,I almost forgot: This pic was drawn before 90 % of the family got killed off by some pesky Greek heroes. Poor Hydra...
Echidna: mother of all monsters
chimera sketch
M. B. S. G. : No Entry Batman