BM 3106 - Echidna Picture

I'LL DRAW ANY BM CHARACTER(S) YOU WANT IF YOU CAN TELL ME WHO (the original name of)"ECHIDNA" IS, WHAT MYTHOLOGY SHE'S FROM AND HER GENERAL DESCRIPTION! if you get it right, and your the first to post with it, feel free to send in a request-i'll get to it when im done the two for BF5 members! XD

Anywho, just something i scribbled up last night/this morning, thought i'd post it. She's one of the cooler villains in BM 3106, so enjoy!

Dark legendz Echidna
Pokemon Fusion 9 SERDEVOIRE (Gardevoire+Serperior)
BM 3106 - Echidna
Echidna WIP