Cylos Settled Design Picture

Found some unexpected 'energy' after eating too much mexican food yesterday, so instead of failing to sleep due to indigestion, I thought I'd go ahead and try my hand at coming up with a good amalgam design for Cylos. I had a good variety of feedback on how to improve his design, each having their own opinion, and it helped immensely in figuring out what I wanted. So thank you all for that.

I would list what all traits I got from where, but right now... I'm a bit too tired for that. Some other time. For now, just know that I tried to go for a bit more detail than I usually do, but I kept some traits simple for various purposes. Also the top, glowy form should give you some inklings as to his abilities and weaknesses.
Kiss of Poseidon
The Jailguard Campe
Cylos Settled Design