Cyclopatria Picture

A Mythological OC I invented, after studying the various mythologies of various Earth cultures.

I believe that Cleopatra, Queen of the Nile, had a one-night-stand with the Cyclops from "The Odyssey." (Not the bad TV movie version though, the good 60s version with that famous guy.) They had a daughter, who interdicted her mother's beauty and wisdom, and her father's three magical eyes. Cyclopatria also has a leopard familiar, an eagle, and a serpent at her beck and call (I don't have names yet but am opened to suggestions). She can turn into a sphinx with three eyes, and also turn invisible. She also has a flying carpet from Strongbad (the son of Sinbad, who I made up also), one of her many lovers.

I plan to write a fanfic about her, next time I party. (I obey Hemingway's rule of never writing sober.)
Argus Stand Hammerless
cyclops work in progress
Cyclopean Rage
Li'l Polyphemus