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A wooden ship must be cleaned regularly, lest parasites eat holes in the hull and cause it to sink. And the only way a ship can be properly cleaned is to haul it up on shore and and manually pick off the parasites. Of course, dragging a ship onto a beach is hard work. Especially if the ship has a small crew...

...However, Aretejax has found away around this problem! For he is on good terms with a clan of Cyclopses, the giants of the mythological world. So whenever his ship needs to be cleaned, he simply sails to the island of the Cylcopses, and (in exchange for a nominal fee) several of these giants pull his ship onshore, and will later put it back to sea for him.

There's only one problem with this system: the Cyclops' daughter. She seems to have become infatuated with Artejax. And can you blame her? He's handsome he's mysterious, comes bearing all sorts of exotic gifts (mostly payment for her father, but still) and tells fabulous stories of places this backwater island-bound girl couldn't even imagine! No doubt she lays awake a night, dreaming that he'll take her away from her limited, mundane home, and show these amazing lands...

...But that's probably not going to happen. For obvious physical and logistical reasons. Hopefully she'll accept that before anyone's feelings get hurt...
'The Cyclops' Odilon Redon 1916- my version
Cyclopes Concept - Turn-Around
A Break Between Adventures
The Cyclopes