Tale of the monster in love Picture

This animation was done for a schoolassignment. We had to animate the Greek myth of Acis&Arathea and the cyclops Polyphemus and do our own take of it.I chose to tell the story from Polyphemus' point of view.

This was the first time I had to draw and animate something and use Flash and use a drawing tablet and..and... well,basically a lot of first times
I'm not so pleased with the music,I intended to use different music,but the mp3 bailed on me at the last moment,so I had to search for something else fast. Anyway the song is courtesy of Danny Elfman and it's taken from "The Corpse Bride" soundtrack.

With all that being said...Enjoy!
Jack and Cyclops Part 5
Cyclop Woman..
Tale of the monster in love
Dopey Cyclops