Guardian of the Underworld Picture

This evil beast that I created is called an Ojdehaven (the "o" is long, the "j" is very overenunciated, the first "e" is long, the "a " is long, and the second "e" is short) He was assigned to make sure that no one living entered the Underworld and no one dead left. I got the idea for him from Greek mythology's Cerberus, the infamous 3-headed dog. To pick a fight with the Ojdehaven will result in the challenger's death. The monster has thick skin that will resist all blows. Each of the spikes along his body secretes a deadly poison that will kill a victim in less than ten minutes. Not to mention he has three heads, each having its own mouth of sharp teeth.
Helldog request!! For Corrupted Cross
Guardian of the Underworld
hand battle