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It's about chat and art. Join us, it's free or upgrade to an account that suits your needs.

*Free have several choices of sets, including animation!
*Each upgrade gives you numerous choices of sets, the higher the upgrade, the more sets you may choose from.
*1 Drachma = 1 U.S. Dollar
*Over 100 public rooms
*Private rooms are in our Astra Planeta, you can place your room dot on a special spot of your own on your choice of planet with a scenic map.
*You may even add music to your private room
* Our exclusive freebie emporium has 1,000 poses and counting for you to use with a paid account. We have free rooms you may use as well.

Prices for paid accounts:
Basic: .07 Drachmas per day or about 2.10 a month gives you 100 poses, friends list and 1 room
Standard: .13 Drachmas per day or about 3.90 a month gives you 200 free poses and 5 private rooms away and friends list.
Preferred: .21 Drachmas per day or 6.30 Drachmas a month gives you 400 poses and 10 private rooms, away and friends list.
Elite: .27 Drachmas per day or about 8.10 Drachmas a month gives you 800 poses and 25 private rooms, a planet and a web page.
Ultimate: .33 Drachmas per day or about 9.90 Drachmas a month gives you 2,000 poses and 60 private rooms, a planet and a web page with no ads.

Create your own rooms or poses, use our emporium, search the web for freebies, or pay someone for custom rooms or poses.

Earn Drachmas or real cash by creating poses, and rooms as well as greyscaling and coloring.

Learn all about art, how to shade, greyscale, and color.

Every one of all ages are welcome. to join.

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