Echidna Picture

Echidna, mother of the Nemean Lion, Ladon, Lycian Chimera,Theban Sphinx, Lernaean Hydra, Cerberus, Orthrus, Ethon/Caucasian Eagle, Teumessian Fox, Crommyonian Sow and the Colchian Dragon. all of which i plan on drawing at some point very soon.

So i got bored and started looking at greek mythology. I like the monsters more than the gods and shit. much more fun

'the goddess fierce Echidna who is half a nymph with glancing eyes and fair cheeks, and half again a huge snake, great and awful, with speckled skin, eating raw flesh beneath the secret parts of the holy earth. And there she has a cave deep down under a hollow rock far from the deathless gods and mortal men. There, then, did the gods appoint her a glorious house to dwell in: and she keeps guard in Arima beneath the earth, grim Echidna, a nymph who dies not nor grows old all her days.'
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