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In the future of our earth, the races are no longer based on skin colour, but upon with which animal your ancestors chose to blend their DNA. They have all taken their names from the old mythologies, though they rarely look like the creatures whose names they wear.

The Angels, however, look exactly as one would expect - tall, thin, human except for the huge wings which sprout from their shoulders in every colour imaginable. They build their homes high in the mountains, and travel all across the planet on their strong wings.

Every now and again, however, there is a child born (in every race) which isn't quite... right. Sometimes these children simply lack all traces of the genetic heritage of their people. Sometimes they simply represent the next evolution in their people's line. Sometimes they are the result of mixed parentage.

Avi hatched, as all Angels do, small and frail and featherless. As he grew, however, his parents realised something was not right. He was at once more and less like the birds to which his people owed their heritage:
He had feathers, true enough, but they did not sprout from his shoulders and lend him flight - instead they grew from his crown all down his spine. They grew down his arms. Small downy feathers wrapped around his wrists, knees and ankles. He also had long, strange, clawed feet and hands, which seemed to have one joint too many. His nose was hard and pointed and seemed slightly yellow in the bright sunlight. His eyes were golden, and saw too much.

His parents shunned him, took the name they had given him at birth, and called him Avi - bird. He could no longer live in the mountain-top homes of the Angels - what need had they of stairs? Of hallways, or rooms which did not open out on one side to the whole of the world? And Avi could not live without these things - he had no wings to carry him through the air as the others did. He had no way out.

Begging a favour from the strongest of the guards - with a promise to never return and remind the Angels of where evolution had gone wrong - Avi made his way to the foot of the mountain, and set out into the world.


....So, I was originally just gonna draw a harpy. That... became this. I like him. I almost wanna write his story. His adventures among the Sphynxes in their huge cities, where every whim is catered too. The Centaurs in their nomadic camps throughout the world. The Fauns who hide in the forests. The few remaining 'original humans' forever a step behind their augmented brethren. I might have to draw out all the races...

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