Greek Ocs Picture

Here are some of my Greek Ocs The first one is jsut a Race of people while the rest are monsters.
Dryg Satyr: a cross between a normal Satyr & the old look that fell to the way side for looking like a man with a horse tail. (kinda like the look for chiron that looked like a man with a horse comeing out of his butt) Not sure how he is going ot be differint then normal Satyrs but I partly named him after Dryads.
Goblin centaur: an evil twisted moster of a centaur Try to think of the Legend of how some Elves were twisted into the first Orcs.
Arachne's Gaurd: the Faithful guard to the queen of the Spiders. this monster has no real name & was born to guard Arachne.
Demagus:was Created using Dark Magic on some of Pegasus’ Feathers to make an evil Double to match his rider Flareis.

all these belong to me
The Somber Faun With No Name
24. Multiple Limbs
Greek Ocs