CONCEPT Altador Peophin Picture

Well okay going back to my lovely little substance abuse problem with CUTENESS.... and the secret addiction I've had to Neopets since my injury (its been a little over 2 years now), this will show how deep my sickness really goes...

So I was marveling at the Neopets website at the sheer variety of Neopets and the various customizations you can get for them. There are different lands that have pollitics, different races native to each land (there is for example the Island with tropical themed life, Halloween town with its halloween themed races, Maraqua with its "under the sea" theme, Faeryland where everything has little butterfly wings, The Darigan citadel where everything is dark and slightly sinsiter, Meridel where everything is sort of medevil, Prehistoric land where everything is obviously prehistoric, Winterland where everything has a X-mas theme... and on and on. ...and its EXPANDING! New lands are added with new native forms of each existing race.

If you go to say the "Rainbow pool" you can see the different varieties of ways you can choose to color your Neopets. You can choose to look at the various available colors (accessable by using a "paintbrush" on them), or you can select the race of your Neopet and see the variety available to it...

My big thing has been Peophins (think Pony-Dolphins or Mermaid horses... based loosly on the old ACTUAL mythological beast called Hippocampus, which was a mermaid horse) And it should come as no surprise (after my multi-racial Unicorns, winged cows and Centaurs) that I took the idea even further. Obviously, much like the Centaurs and Unicorns, I imposed gender bias... I made the females FEMININE and the males MASCULINE.

And then I took some ideas from newer worlds that hadnt yet had their own Paintbrushes added yet... such as Altador (think Ancient Rome or Greece). and decided to try and make an Altador Peophin Stallion... mostly for a customization story for my own Peophin Stallion's page (He is a yellow Peophin, who dreams of being a White one) but here, for his history, Im envisioning what an Altador Peophin must look like... since its Ancient Rome/Greece I decided to give him a Spartan Warrior typle of look and mohawk his mane... and of course give him all kinds of fun studly muscles.

Obviously he's unfinnished, but I thought it would be a fun window for people into my madness...
CONCEPT Altador Peophin
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