Mythological Creature Sketches Picture

I was having a conversation with marissa about how I cant draw people and we cant draw animals. Oh if there was only some way....

But wait. theres plenty of half human half animal creatures. Let me try and draw people with this!

I only have a problem with faces, usually. Bodies seem okay to me. D:

So we have a Minotaur, Two centaurs trying to hug (Marissas idea) And a Kudu centaur (I know they dont have long tails. Wasnt looking at anything for this. xD)
Next is a Faun, and then More Centaurs.
Last is a Boar and a Bear and idk why I drew those. I cant draw them nor do I know what they look like. XD

Sorry for blurry, i had bad photos today.

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