OLD centaur creature sculpt from around 2001 Picture

For whoever might be interested, I found some OLD photos of my older work...from maybe 2001, give or take a year. This is OLD stuff though, I've grown quite a bit since I made this.

NOTE: The friend I made this for (my first karate instructor), is not the same person I made the old dragon sculpt for as a commission...the dragon was for another sensei who I do not have much respect for and quit training there years ago, lol.

This is a centaur creature type figure that I sculpted for a friend I was in love with for ten years straight, when I was younger in my late teens/early 20s. He was my first karate teacher and I was only 14 when I met him. He's been a dear friend and mentor, and still is a close friend even though we don't talk often (he's in another state/we drifted). Since I was too young at the time, and then we moved, I didn't end up telling him how I felt til yeaaaars later when I decided I needed to move on from the feelings I had. Before then, after we moved from Colorado back to CA, I made him this as a gift....I basically just made it up, lol...a random creature/gift. I sculpted it out of Sculpey Bake and Bend, so the figure has a flexible feel to it. I painted it with acrylics, and some vivid cell vinyl paints called Cartoon Colors. This friend of mine will always hold a special place in my heart, and I respect him greatly as a karate teacher. I'm unsure he knows how much of an inspiration he was to me in Karate over the years, and still is. Back in 2005, I was able to fly to Colorado, and he tested me for my black belt (which I gained). Those are some amazing memories, and I'm so thankful I could earn that rank through him, even after training in another dojo in CA for years after the fact.

Artwork Copyright Angela Pileggi (AKA AMP, Meadowknight).
Centaur Concept Sketch
CentaurCervitaur Costume
OLD centaur creature sculpt from around 2001
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