Ramming centaur Picture

Centaurs are mythological creatures. According to greek traditions, they are the representation of the dark, unruly forces of nature. They are a drinking, prone to riot species, such is their violent character, and are not likely to wear heavy armor like this one. This character in particular, is part of a centaur batallion, where each individual holds a heavy ram in the left arm and a sword in the right. They charge into enemy formations in a tight pack, forming a rumbling wall of spikes, shaking the ground like an earthquake. After the main clash, they grab their swords and start slashing averyone around. To wear armor like this, each centaur would have to be of noble status, owner of a personal fortune which had to be enough to maintain suit and weapons. And that means there had to be smiths, taylors, tanners, not to mention the assistants, to help the guy to wear his armor, much like the medieval lord of the land...
Ramming centaur
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God of War III- Centaur