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PEACE by Aristophanes, Part 19

"But I saved my life."
And dishonoured your family. But let us go in; I am very
certain, that being the son of such a father, you will never forget
this song of the buckler. (To the CHORUS) You, who remain to the
feast, it's your duty to devour dish after dish and not to ply empty
jaws. Come, put heart into the work and eat with your mouths full.
For, believe me, poor friends, white teeth are useless furniture if
they chew nothing.
LEADER OF THE CHORUS (to TRYGAEUS, who is going into the house)
Never fear; thanks all the same for your good advice. (To the
CHORUS) And all of you, who yesterday were dying of hunger, come,
stuff yourselves with this fine hare-stew; it's not every day that
we find cakes lying neglected. Eat, eat, or I predict you will soon
regret it.
TRYGAEUS (coming out of the house)
Silence! Keep silence! Here is the bride about to appear! Take
nuptial torches and let all rejoice and join in our songs. Then,
when we have danced, clinked our cups and thrown Hyperbolus through
the doorway we will carry back all our farming tools to the fields and
shall pray the gods to give wealth to the Greeks and to cause us all
to gather in an abundant barley harvest, enjoy a noble vintage, to
grant that we may choke With good figs, that our wives may prove
fruitful, that in fact we may recover all our lost blessings, and that
the sparkling fire may be restored to the hearth, (OPORA comes out
of the house, followed by torch-bearing slaves.) Come, wife, to the
fields and seek, my beauty, to brighten and enliven my nights. Oh!
Hymen! oh! Hymenaeus!
Oh! thrice happy man, who so well deserve your good fortune! Oh!
Hymen! oh oh! Hymenaeus!
CHORUS (singing)
Oh! Hymen! oh! Hymenaeus!
TRYGAEUS (singing)
What shall we do to her?
CHORUS (singing)
What shall we do to her?
TRYGAEUS (singing)
We will gather her kisses.
CHORUS (singing)
We will gather her kisses.
But come, comrades, we who are in the first row, let us pick up
the bridegroom and carry him in triumph. Oh! Hymen! oh! Hymenaeus! Oh!
Hymen! oh! Hymenaeus!
TRYGAEUS (singing)
You shall have a fine house, no cares and the finest of figs.
Oh! Hymen! oh! Hymenaeus! Oh! Hymen! oh! Hymenaeus!
The bridegroom's fig is great and thick; the bride's very soft and
TRYGAEUS (singing)
While eating and drinking deep draughts of wine, continue to
repeat: Oh! Hymen! oh! Hymenaeus! Oh! Hymen! oh! Hymenaeus, Hail,
hail, my friends. All who come with me shall have cakes galore.



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